Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete services in Colchester

If you are looking for a company that offers Polished Concrete services in Colchester, look no further than Buxton Plastering. Contact us with your queries. 

Decorative Polished Concrete finishing in Essex

Sand and cement floor screeds - which are a typical 4 : 1 mix of sand and cement with SBR and fibres added to enhance bond and strength - are the perfect solid substrate for virtually any type of finished flooring, such as timber, laminate, tiles, vinyl, resin and more. Floor screeds are laid at a minimum thickness of 50mm and are an ideal covering for under floor heating. Contact us with your queries. 


Our range of flooring services includes:

  • Floor screeding
  • Latex self-levelling 
  • Liquid screed 
  • And more
You can also get in touch with us for marble plastering services. 
floor leveling

Affordable latex self-levelling

For tiles and timber finishing, latex self-levelling is the perfect solution to level your uneven floor. They are ready to lay only after 24 hours of application, depending on the number of layers. Get in touch with us for a free quote. 
"Hi Carl, Thanks for a brilliant job, really pleased. I'll definitely be using you again. I'll speak to you in the week regarding the floor screed on Sunday." 
- Tristan (Builder) from Colchester."
If you are looking for reliable plasterers in Essex, call Buxton Plastering on 
07590 625 100

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